Brown Elementary: Propelling Our Scholars into the 21st Century

Welcome to Google Ed home page for  Midtown's Premier Public School in Jackson, Mississippi

Find the official JPSD home page of Brown Elementary: http://brown.jpsms.org/

Here we feature some of our programs and events. To read more about our great dedicated staff, go to the official page.

At Brown, we strive to implement the best of 21st century teaching strategies and technologies and expose our scholars to as wide variety of experiences and contact as possible. Our students routinely get a chance to interact with some of the Jackson's finest minds, whether they are in politics, business, computer technology, design, or art. We feature several such events as well as some of the local school activities. We also house a wonderful choir under the leadership of Dr C. Denton. They performed in some of the finest venues in the city and their talent lead some invaluable partnerships that Brown Elementary enjoys today. Our garden project is lead by Ms Tate who mixes gardening, visual arts, cooking, and even geometry to provide our scholars with some of the best exposure the city has to offer. We also enjoy almost a half a million in funding from Toyota to develop the first primary school STEM and design lab in Mississippi. A lot has happened at Brown this year. Here is a small sampling.

In this video, Brown Elementary Scholars talk about their likes and dislikes at Brown:

Earlier in the year we build a Raspberry Pi based Photo Booth. Meet some of our faculty and staff as they take our own sophisticated version of a selfie.

Photo Booth

The Booth can be seen at our cafeteria earlier in the year during JPSD lunch week. We won the award for the best themed Lunch Week design in our category. Some snippets from that event:

Lunch Week, Oct 2015

Celebrating MLK day with Nuno and Erin
In the collage below, our scholars are trained by the lead designers of Jackson's eminent design studio NunoErin to design mazes while thinking not only about design principles, but also about social engagement and responsibility. What does it mean to be locked into a social maze, NunoErin asked? What does one do to escape?

MLK Day at NE

After this very productive meeting, Nuno and Erin suggested that Brown Elementary cooperate with them to create a socially conscious game for their brand new platform UCreate. The game took a maze as a metaphor for the obstacle one faces on the path to freedom. We created a partnership between our STEM Lab and NunoErin and called it Project Freedom (See more at freedom.brownjps.org). Here are the results of an early brainstorming session at Brown:

Project Freedom Brainstorming

...and a selection of mazes that the students created towards the end of the project.

Too Many Mazes


Tim Fielder, a Marvel published comic book artist, originally from Mississippi (now in NYC) stops by the STEM Lab at brown to give our scholars a lesson in designing game characters, sign some of his latest work and convince us that it should really be STE(A)M Lab, where A is for art. Some highlights

Tim Fielder in town_2.mp4